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RB Wallace Ltd, proactively sets standards and trends in the field of construction health and safety, with the aim of achieving incident- and injury-free status throughout the company. RB Wallace Ltd prides itself on strict adherence to, and application of, its health and safety policies to ensure a work place with an embedded safety culture characterised by compliance and leadership, with incident and injury free as a core value. Our Safety Statement is available upon request from info@rbwallaceltd.com


We are committed to supplying our Customers with the highest possible quality of services. Our Quality Management system insures this is implemented to all aspects of our business and is implemented with our Customers own quality policies in order to fully understand and deliver project specific requirements.


RB Wallace Ltd are committed to maximising sustainable construction and minimising the environmental effect of our projects on society. This approach is rooted in the recognition that active engagement in social progress, environmental protection, and economic balance is necessary for long term. This objective is a conscious team effort and its our believe that recycling when managed correctly not only protects the environment but also saves time and costs to the company.  

At RB Wallace, we strive in Enacting an environmental friendly work ethic.

  • we promote a car sharing scheme amongst our employees
  • we educate our employees on the need to reduce carbon emissions.
  • we use methods of work & manufacturing that are less harmful to the environment.