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Decommissioning of Service Stations

Decommissioning of Service Station 2

Decommissioning of Service Stations

Decommissioning of Service Station 1RB Wallace Ltd provides a comprehensive decommissioning service. This includes the de-gassing, labelling and cold cutting of all types of tanks from the largest service station to the smallest private site, for both under and over-ground tanks. We excavate tanks with the highest level of care and efficiency. Following tank removals, all materials are disposed of strictly following all safety and environmental regulations. Where underground tanks pre-existed, cavities are refilled using only safe and solid materials.


The full extent of all these works included full electrical disconnection of all services and full strip out of retail unit and adjoining shed. High risk works were also a large part of this job including crane works to remove canopy stanchion and canopy, demolition of all infrastructure, tank cleaning and removal. All contaminated soil and waste was removed by our fully trained staff and transported to the appropriate licenced waste facility. certified stone was then brought to site for backfilling.






All contaminated soil and fuel is removed from the site and transported to a licenced waste facilities.

Any certified stone is delivered to backfill and level off site.



Decommissioning of Service Station 2RB Wallace Ltd has the expertise and experience to de-activate and de-contaminate land previously occupied by fuel stations. This includes demolition of forecourts, canopies and any adjoining buildings.

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