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Site Remediation Works

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Site Remediation works

RB Wallace Ltd, have become specialists in remediation projects in Ireland. We are proficient in the development of conceptual models and remediation Strategies. We have a clear understanding of implementing current legislation and waste management regulations and all operations are carried out by fully trained, highly experienced and skilled staff to the most stringent health and safety standards.

Remediation Projects Overview

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Before continuing works, Soil is tested to ensure relative level of contamination.  Excavation of all waste that needs to be removed from site in accordance with all guidelines as set out within the Remediation Programme. Identify all waste material that is being landfilled and ensure that it is disposed of in accordance with the requirements as per the waste permit of the waste facility. Ensure that whatever material can be recovered for re-use is identified and stockpiled correctly during the excavation stage of the project. Construction of capping works, lining works and all drainage works is to be carried out where applicable on projects to ensure that the site is environmentally friendly.

We Carry out site investigation works where required.  To Ensure that the site is remediated to a degree that it will promote natural rehabilitation and growth of vegetation. Carry out all site fencing and associated ancillary works. All work is to be carried out in compliance with environmental controls, Health & Safety and Quality Assurance Standards.

Why remediate soils?

  • The aim of soil remediation works in the majority of cases is to reduce contaminants to levels which are ‘suitable for use’, essentially meaning you can use your site without environmental risks.

Soil treatment

As with all our projects, All contaminated soil and fuel that is removed from any sites we work on is transported to a licenced waste facilities. certified stone will also be delivered to backfill and used to level off site.

Asbestos Awareness

  • Our Staff are trained in Asbestos awareness for groundworkers, in accordance with regulation 10 of the control of Asbestos regualtions 2012 and supporting ACop and guidelines L143 managing and working with asbestos.
  • To protect human health and the environment, the handling and packaging of asbestos must comply with the Health and Safety Authority Guidelines for the management of Asbestos-Containing Materials in the workplace.
  • Please See Asbestos_Guidelines

Use the link below to view our project section for an overview of works we have completed on site remediation works

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